I help companies and entrepeneurs to get their know-how on-line, creating and improving their position on internet.

In my childhood, when I was 12 years old, my parents gave me the first pc and this was the begins of my work. I learned very quickly to use it, finding new ways to play with the Game Boy, downloanding emulators for pc.

Today, everybody knows a screenshot. When I was a child, I used this tecnique to copy and redesign a graphic structure of front-end with Paint. I have learned many skills, with my few instruments. Now I have several programs with i can make almost everythings.


R27s – Artworks

In everything I am doing, my focus is challenging commons ideas, working on digital product as an artwork.

Collaborate without competing

edjo.studio was born from four freelances, with different experience, who collaborate togheter, to get the best solutions for clients.

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